Zoe Scholze got her start in gymnastics at the age of six. Zoe began going to college gymnastics meets with her mom at a young age. One day, Zoe decided she wanted to try gymnastics as well. Zoe started classes at was quickly invited to the junior pre-team at Ascend Gymnastics.

Zoe began competing in December 2021 as a level 2. At her first meet, Reindeer Games, Zoey earned silver medals on vault and beam. At her next meet, Battle In Bellevue, Zoe won the all around title as well as silver medals on bars and beam.

Currently, Zoe trains 12 hours per week under coaches Kelsey, Kendall, Katy, Troy, and Toby at Ascend Gymnastics. Zoe's goal for her 2022 season is to have fun competing. In the future, Zoe hopes to make it to optionals.

2022 Battle In Bellevue Level 2 AA Champion
Battle In Bellevue Level 2 AA Champion

Favorite Event: Bars

Favorite Skill: Cartwheel

Favorite Gymnast: Grace McCallum

Favorite Quote:
"Greatness is found in the details."

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