The Russian juniors impressed Sunday in event finals at the City of Jesolo Trophy, as did Sunisa Lee and Konnor McClain of the US. Liu Tingting of China hit a beautiful beam routine to win the senior event final, while Asia D’Amato won the senior vault final for Italy. First-year seniors and juniors alike competed very well in Jesolo, showing great potential and depth in their country’s programs.

Only two seniors competed in the vault final: Asia D’Amato and Desiree Carofiglio, both of Italy. D’Amato competed a Yurchenko double full and a Lopez for an average of 14.200. Carofiglio competed a Yurchenko one-and-a-half and a handspring front pike for an average of 13.250. Both had deep landings and had to take a step out of bounds on one of their vaults, but had one solid vault that will be valuable in team competition.

McClain won the vault final for the juniors with a 14.425, competing a Yurchenko double full and sticking a Yurchenko full for her second vault. Viktoriia Listunova of Russia placed second with a 14.100 and competing the same vaults as McClain. She just edged out Ciena Alipio, who scored a 14.050 with a Yurchenko one-and-a-half and a Yurchenko full.

Lee won the bars final for the United States with a 14.450, sticking her full-twisting double back dismount and making her tricky release connections. Tang Xijing of China placed second, scoring a 14.350 for a routine with classic Chinese style. Elisa Iorio of Italy placed third, scoring a 14.300 for a clean routine including an Ezhova release and a double front dismount.

In the junior division, Russia took first and second with Vladislava Urazova scoring a 14.300 and Elena Gerasimova scoring a 14.100, both scores that would have been competitive in the senior field. Despite a few short handstands, Urazova’s routine was difficult enough to keep her ahead of Gerasimova, who performed a very clean routine. McClain placed third for the US with a 13.750, where some minor mistakes kept her from scoring up to her full potential.

Sunisa Lee performs on the balance beam for the US at the City of Jesolo Trophy in Jesolo, Italy/FloGymnastics- Filippo Tomasi

Defending world champion Liu Tingting showed off a fluid routine with 14 skills and made all but one of her connections to win the event with a 14.800. The high start value of her routine along with her flawless execution shows why Tingting is the world champion on this event. Emma Malabuyo placed second with a 14.400, with just a few balance checks on her world turn series. She showed a great level of difficulty, performing a standing Arabian, double pike dismount, and a switch ring leap. Lee placed third with a 14.150, hitting a clean routine and just needing to clean up a few form breaks.

Listunova won the junior beam final for Russia, scoring a 13.850 and performing a nice front handspring front tuck series. Alipio of the US was just a tenth behind, placing second with a 13.750 with some big wobbles. Though this wasn’t her best performance, Alipio has big skills in her repertoire and posted a great score even with the wobbles. In third place was Gerasimova of Russia with a 13.700, hitting her Onodi mount and showing nice rhythm throughout the routine.

On the floor exercise, Lee won the senior floor final with a 14.200, landing her passes cleanly with just a hop back on two of her landings. Malabuyo placed second with a 14.100, just a tenth behind Lee and showing that she is ready to come back. She hit all of her tumbling passes, just needing to clean up some landing positions to boost her score even higher. Qi Qi placed third for China, scoring a 13.550. Competing a two-and-a-half twist as well as a triple full, Qi Qi fully completed her twists and had a clean performance, ending with a double tuck.

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