It all began when the then dancer, Stella DePaola, taught herself how to do a back handspring. At almost 8 years old, Stella began recreational gymnastics at Gold Medal Gymnastics Center. After just one week in recreational classes, the head coach of Gold Medal’s USAG program, evaluated Stella and invited her to join their level 4 team. Unfortunately, Stella had to make the decision between dance and gymnastics. Stella decided to go with gymnastics and in her first year of gymnastics, she won the floor title at the New York State Championships for level 4. Currently, Stella is competing level 7.

Although Stella had to give up dance, she absolutely does not regret choosing gymnastics. She loves gymnastics because it keeps her both physically and mentally fit and she loves her teammates! Even though she is no longer in dance, Stella still performs in her school’s talent show and loves to dance around her house with her little sister, Mackenzie. Stella’s dream is to earn a spot on the UCLA Gymnastics team. We believe in you, Stella!

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