It was a race between four Northern California teams – Sacramento State, San Jose State, Stanford, and UC Davis –  at the 2019 NorCal Classic hosted by Sacramento State. As the season between four teams, Stanford came on top with a 195.150, followed by UC Davis, San Jose State, and then Sacramento State.

With four gymnasts up at once, Sacramento State started on vault, UC David on bars, San Jose State on beam, and Stanford on floor. Sacramento State went 47.900 on vault after having to count a 9.475 and two 9.525s. The highest score on vault for the Hornets came from sophomore Jordyn Brent who scored a 9.700.

Over on bars, UC Davis had a bit of a rough rotation, but were able to post two scores at and above 9.700 from Alyssa Ito and Sarah Liddle. The Mustangs went 48.225 on the event.

San Jose State, beginning on the intimidating balance beam, went 48.600. Although the Spartans had to count a 9.500, Chelsey Andrada and Ellie Pascoe-Long posted 9.825s, allowing the team to stay in the high 48s.

On the floor exercise, Stanford kicked things off with junior Kaylee Cole scoring a 9.800. The highlight of the rotation came from sophomore Kyla Bryant who went 9.900.

Kyla Bryant on floor
Photo: Emily Howell-Forbes

After one rotation, Stanford lead with a 48.950, followed by San Jose State with a 48.600, UC Davis with a 48.225, and Sacramento State with a 47.900.The second rotation featured Sacramento State on bars, UC Davis on beam, San Jose State on floor, and Stanford on vault.

Stanford carried over their great floor rotation over to vault where the team posted a 48.825. Also carrying over her success from floor, Kyla Bryant scored a 9.825 on the event, the highest score on vault for the team.

On bars, Sacramento State unfortunately had a rough rotation with the team counting three scores below 9.00. The team finished with a 45.750.

UC Davis, on the other hand, had an amazing performance on balance beam, scoring three 9.850s from Alyssa Ito, Kara Jones, and Yasmine Yektaparast. The Mustangs went 49.100, a score that the team definitely will not be disappointed about.

Yasmine Yektaparast on beam
Photo: Wayne Tilcock

On floor, San Jose State had another solid rotation scoring a 48.675. Junior Taylor Chan posted the highest score for the Spartans with a 9.900.

Two solid events from Stanford allowed the team to stay in first after two rotations. Following a great beam rotation, UC Davis slid into second with San Jose State in third and Sacramento State in fourth.

In the third rotation, San Jose State took to vault where the team scored a 48.375. The highest score on vault for the Spartans came from Ellie Pascoe-Long who went 9.775.

Coming off two solid rotations, Stanford went to bars. Although the team had to count a 9.575 and two scores in the 9.60s, Stanford was able to post a 48.450 after solid performances from Kyla Bryant and sophomore Taylor Lawson.

After a rough bar rotation, Sacramento State was hoping for strong performances on beam, and in fact the team did! Jordyn Brent and Lauren Schmeiss both posted scores of 9.800 and the team went 48.850 on the event.

Lauren Schmeiss on beam
Photo: Thomas Frey – The State Hornet

After a great performance on beam, UC Davis had another solid performance on floor. The Mustangs went 48.875 on floor with help from sophomore Kelley Hebert who went 9.875 on the event.

Going into the fourth and final rotation, Stanford lead with a 146.225, but not behind was UC Davis with a 146.200. Sitting in third and fourth respectively were San Jose State and Sacramento State.

The UC Davis Mustangs kept their energy going over on vault with a 9.825 from sophomore Cammi Johnson and finishing their meet with a 48.750 on vault and a 194.950 total team score.

Cammi Johnson on vault
Photo: Wayne Tilcock

San Jose State finished their competition on the uneven bars where the team was unable to post a score at or above a 9.700. However, the Spartans finished with composure and a team score of 193.300.

Saving the most difficult event for last, Stanford took to the balance beam. Kyla Bryant continued her strong performance and went 9.900 on the event, the highest score for Stanford on beam. Stanford saw another beautiful performance on beam from senior Taryn Fitzgerald who posted a 9.825. Stanford closed with a 48.925 on beam and a 195.150 team score with Kyla Bryant going 39.475 in the all around.

Sacramento State closed its competition on floor. Jordyn Brent posted the highest score on floor for the Hornets scoring a 9.775. The team went 47.500 on floor and 190.00 total. Brent finished with a 38.875.

The meet concluded with Stanford finishing in first with a 195.150, followed by UC Davis, San Jose State, and then Sacramento State. Stanford’s Kyla Bryant won the vault, bars, beam, and all around titles, and San Jose State’s Taylor Chan took the floor title.

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