The final day of action at the 2018 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships kicked off with the men’s vault final. Rio 2016 Olympic vault champion Ri Se Gwang of North Korea took home the gold medal with an average of 14.933. He hit a massive piked Dragulescu with just a step to the side and followed it up with a tsuk full-in. Artur Dalaloyan of Russia, who was the final competitor on the event, did enough to secure the silver. He opened with a Yurchenko triple full with a hop on the landing and hit a big front double pike for an average of 14.883.

Kenzo Shirai of Japan rounded out the podium with the bronze medal. Like Dalaloyan, he opened with a Yurchenko triple and fought hard to stick the landing, although he ultimately had to take a step. He ended with a stuck Kas one-and-a-half that gave him an average of 14.675.

The men headed to the parallel bars next for this event final. Sam Mikulak of the U.S. led things off with an aggressive routine and a stuck double front half out dismount which was good for a 15.233.

Oleg Vernaiev from Ukraine hit a fantastic set that scored a 15.591 to move him ahead of Mikulak. However, it was Zou Jingyuan of China who had the routine of the night, scoring a massive 16.433 to move into first. The last competitor on the event, Artur Dolaloyan, hit a routine worthy of the bronze, knocking Mikulak off the podium by a little over a tenth of a point.

The men’s high bar podium Photo: John Cheng

The men closed out the competition in Doha with the high bar final. Epke Zonderland from the Netherlands set the standards high as the second competitor with a high flying set and some crazy release combinations. His score of 15.1 would be enough to lock him in for the gold medal.

Next, Sam Mikulak got his sweet revenge. He hit a beautiful routine with a big Cassina and Kovacs for a 14.533. That score was good enough to get him the bronze medal he had been looking for all week long in Doha. Second to last, King Kohei Uchimura of Japan hit a stellar routine for a 14.8 that would put him into second place. The final competitor, Artur Dalaloyan came off the bar to lock in the podium placements for Zonderland, Uchimura, and Mikulak.

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