The second and final day of women’s qualifications took place on Sunday, October 28. The second day’s competitors included Russia, China, Brazil, France, Romania, and Canada.

The Russian women’s team Photo: Sport Gym Russia

The day began with subdivision 7 which included South Africa, Finland, Romania, China, and Mixed Group 7. While Romania ended up finishing outside of the top 8 in the team standings, the team of five impressed as they hit 16 for 16 routines. As for finals, Romania’s Denisa Golgota qualified to the all around final in 17th place. China started off on floor exercise and had an all around solid competition finishing third with a 165.196 and qualifying for the team final. China has multiple gymnasts who qualified to finals including Luo Huan in the bars and all around final, Chen Yile in the all around final, Liu Jinru in the vault final, and Zhang Jin and Liu Tingting in the beam final.

Subdivision eight was made up of Bulgaria, Canada, France, and Mixed Groups 8 and 13. Canada had a fantastic day finishing fourth and qualifying to the team final. Of Team Canada, Ellie Black and Brooklyn Moors qualified to the all around final, Shallon Olsen and Ellie Black in the vault final, Ana Padurariu and Ellie Black in the beam final, and Brooklyn Moors in the floor final. France also had a solid competition and finished seventh as a team with a 161.269. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos had a great competition and qualified to the all around final in seventh as well as the floor final in sixth. France’s Lorette Charpy also qualified to the all around final in 22nd.

Photo: John Cheng

Great Britain, Brazil, Turkey, Denmark, and Russia made up subdivision 9. Russia, with the return of Aliya Mustafina, finished where they were expected – second just behind the U.S. Angelina Melnikova and Irinia Alexeeva both did the all around and both qualified to the all around final in 5th and 12th place, respectively. In addition to the all around final, Melnikova qualified for the floor final as well as Lilia Akhaimova. Aliya Mustafina had a solid bar routine and qualified to the bar final in 6th. Although there were some mistakes, Brazil qualified to the team final in 5th. Brazil will also be represented in the all around and floor finals with Flavia Saraiva in both finals, and Jade Barbosa in the all around final. Great Britain just missed out on making the team final, finishing 9th with a 160.964. However Great Britain will make an appearance in finals with Ellie Downie and Kelly Simm in all around finals, and Becky Downie in the bar final.

Subdivision 10 was made up of Spain, Mexico, Switzerland, Egypt, and Mixed Group 4. Spain and Mexico finished 18th and 19th in the team standings, respectively. Gymnasts qualifying to event finals from the 10th subdivision are Ana Perez of Spain in the all around final and Alexa Moreno of Mexico in the vault final. Concluding qualification was subdivision 11 with Slovenia, Taipei, Greece, the Czech Republic, and Mixed Group 2.

The Women’s Team Final will take place on Tuesday, October 30 at 9 A.M. EST on the Olympic Channel and the AA final on Thursday, November 1 at 9 A.M. EST on the Olympic Channel. Event finals will take place November 2-3. You can view which gymnasts have qualified to each final here.

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