1. Jade Carey – Vault

While the US Classic was Jade Carey’s all-around debut as an elite gymnast, the two-time World silver medalist still stood out for her impressive vaulting. Carey competed two vaults, a Yurchenko double full and a Lopez. She had lots of height and power on her Yurchenko and hopped backwards to score a 14.650. Her second vault, the Lopez, was clean scoring a 14.250. In the future we will most likely see Carey compete an Amanar and a Cheng, two more difficult vaults.

2. Jordan Chiles – Vault

Jordan Chiles, like Carey, competed two vaults, a Yurchenko double full and a Tsuk full. Chiles took a small hop back on her beautiful Yurchenko to score a 14.500. This was followed by a powerful Tsuk full scoring a 13.700.

3. Riley McCusker – Uneven Bars

Riley McCusker is known to have many difficult connections on bars which she showed off at Classics. She began her routine with a toe full to a Maloney to a Tkatchev. She then moved into a solid Ricna connected to a Pak Salto and to a stalder shaposh half. She dismounted with a half in double tuck, which has given her some issues in the past, however, she landed it to score a 15.000.

4. Simone Biles – Balance Beam

Under the pressure of recovering from her fall on bars, Simone Biles competed a stunning beam routine to claim the US Classic title. She opened her routine with a clean triple wolf turn, impressive considering this is a skill many gymnasts struggle with. Biles then moved into a strong jump series and a solid Barani, a front tuck with a half twist. Her back handspring layout layout was also extremely solid. She had a slight wobble on her switch leap to switch half, however, moved right into a solid back pike. Her clean front pike was followed by a front aerial to split jump. She closed the routine with a tucked full in to score an impressive 15.200.

5. Ragan Smith – Balance Beam

While Ragan Smith only competed three events. she was strong on beam and scored a 14.500. She began her routine with a solid double wolf turn and a clean back handspring layout series. She wobbled on her standing full, however, managed to save it. She had a solid front pike and moved into a side straddle jump half to a side split jump half. Clean front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, followed by a stuck double pike dismount to close.

6. Simone Biles – Floor

Floor was Biles’ first event at the US Classic, her comeback meet, and she did not disappoint. She debuted many upgrades at the meet including her first pass the Moors, a double layout with two twists. She went out of bounds on her Moors, however, followed that pass up with a great front full through to a tucked full-in. Her third pass was the Biles, a double layout with a half twist, to a stag jump. She finished with a tucked double-double to score a 14.750.

7. Morgan Hurd – Floor

Morgan Hurd truly performs her floor routine which has great choreography and difficult skills. She opened her routine with an impressive Moors. Her second pass was a double layout which looks easy when she performs it. She stuck her front layout to front double full and moved into a beautiful switch ring to ring jump. She closed with a small hop forward on her double pike to score a 13.850.

8. Leanne Wong – Vault

Leanne Wong, a junior from GAGE, impressed at the US Classic when she placed first all-around. While she had a very strong competition overall, her vault especially stood out. She competed a gorgeous Yurchenko double full and stuck it cold to score a huge 14.650.

9. Kayla DiCello – Uneven Bars

Kayla DiCello opened her bar routine with a great toe full to Maloney to Pak Salto combination. This was followed by a perfect van Leeuwen up to the high bar and a free hip to blind change to piked Jaeger. She closed with a stalder half to a stuck full in dismount to score a 14.300.

10. Sunisa Lee – Balance Beam

Sunisa Lee impressed on beam despite dismounting with only a layout due to a knee injury. She opened with a front aerial and moved into a great back handspring layout series. She had a slight wobble on her switch leap and then connected a switch half to a back tuck. She had a perfect side aerial to two layout step outs and then dismounted to score a 14.000.

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