Natalie Bivens got her start in gymnastics at the age of three. Natalie's parents had her try multiple different sports, but ultimately Natalie fell in love with gymnastics. Natalie began competing at the age of five as an Xcel Bronze gymnast in February 2021. At her first meet, the Dragon Invite, Natalie finished in the top five on floor. Through the remainder of her 2021 season, Natalie competed two more meets as an Xcel Bronze.

Currently, Natalie trains at Pride of Illinois. Natalie's goal for her 2022 season is to have a tighter pivot turn on beam and get her back handspring on floor. In the future, Natalie hopes to get her giants on bars.

2021 AGI "Mighty Mouse" Award
AGI "Mighty Mouse" Award

Favorite Event: Vault

Favorite Skill: Pull Over (bars)

Favorite Gymnast: Emma McRae

Favorite Meet: Olympia Crown

Favorite Quote:
“Have courage and be kind. For where there is kindness, there is goodness and where there is goodness, there is magic.” - Cinderella

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