Welcome to the first ever NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships Final Four Team Final live blog!

Four on the Floor? Flippin’ Four? What are we calling this? Competition! Currently waiting for the stream to start but introductions are underway in the arena.

Rotation 1 – LSU VT, Oklahoma UB, UCLA BB, Denver FX
Finnegan LSU – beautifully stuck and flared full, should be a big score. 9.9125
Harrold LSU – bit Y1.5 with a tiny step forward 9.8375
Kelley LSU – stuck vault! Big amplitude 9.8875
Cannamela LSU – Small hop back on Yfull but nice form 9.8375
Edwards LSU – Y1.5, step forward. 9.8875
Edney LSU – Step back on the Y1.5, just a bit conservative today. 9.850

Webb OU – small hop on dismount, good routine overall. 9.8125
Marks OU – perfect first handstand, big release connected to bail, stuck dismount! 9.850
Thomas OU – I missed most of this but she had a nice release and a stuck dismount i think! 9.850
Dowell OU – Huge Ray release, bail right to handstand, really nice double layout. 9.9
Lehrmann OU – Huge straddled Jaeger, stuck dismount! 9.9125
Nichols OK – Beautiful tkachev to pak connection, legs glued like always, stuck double layout 9.9375

Glenn UCLA – bhs loso solid, super pretty lines in front aerial to split leap, looking much more solid than last week and yesterday, stuck gainer full dismount! 9.900
Nguyen UCLA – solid on beam so far, good job hitting the split positions, stuck dismount! 9.85
Kocian UCLA – Wobble on bhs loso but saved it, good recovery so far, hop forward on dismount but pretty good routine for her. 9.6625
Flatley UCLA – Solid on standing loso, great rhythm on all her skills, stuck(ish) dismount, looks super excited! 9.9125
Ohashi UCLA – good front aerial to bhs loso, had to take a step and balance check, great positions on leaps, stuck bhs loso full dismount. 9.800
Ross UCLA – Solid bhs loso, gorgeous extension, good on front aerial to sissone, stuck aerial to full dismount. 9.925

Sundstrom DU – nice double tuck to open, good control on landings. 9.8250
Kern DU – small slide back on double pike, better on the other landings, solid routine as always 9.7625
Ruiz DU – Good 1.5 to front layout, good landings and leaps! 9.8375
Schou DU – Good control on landings, looks very clean 9.8375
Karr DU – Better control on double pike and second pass landings, stepped OOB on last pass. 9.6875
Brown DU – Huge double layout, nicely controlled landing, same for second pass – 1.5 to front layout, split jump, powerful double pike to finish. 9.9375
After 1: OU 49.450, LSU 49.375, UCLA 49.3625, DU 49.200

Rotation 2 – Denver VT, LSU UB, Oklahoma BB, UCLA FX
Chesnok DU – nearly stuck Yfull 9.7625
Ruiz DU – bit of knees on the Yfull, just a tiny hop at the end 9.7375
Sundstrom DU – small hop on her Yfull 9.8125
Glynn DU – stuck tsuk full! the team needed that 9.8625
Karr DU – basically stuck Y1.5, one of her better ones this year 9.9125
Brown DU – hop forward on the Y1.5 9.8625

Durante LSU – Good on the handstands,hop forward on dismount, big releases in the middle there. 9.775
Ferrer LSU – bit of form on her Jaeger, right on top of the handstands, great dismount! 9.8375
Harrold LSU – tiny arch on her Zuchold transition, Jaeger flips above the bar, and….I missed the rest of it…. 9.875
Edney LSU – huge release to start, hitting great handstands, stuck double layout! 9.900
Priessman LSU – huge double layout with just a tiny hop 9.900
Finnegan LSU – Big releases, lovely form, stuck the dismount! 9.950

Trautman OU – Super solid, cheated the stick a little bit on the dismount and a bit of knees, overall really great! 9.875
Dowell OU – great front aerial to back pike, solid on full twisting back handspring, tiny hop on the dismount 9.8625
Lehrmann OU – solid but also floaty bhs loso, stuck gainer full 9.9375
Woodard OU – Bit of knees on her acro series but she looks great, barely a wobble on any skill, stuck landing 9.9375
Webb OU – Really great so far, her extension makes everything very pretty, just a bit short on the split leap though, gets the stick on her dismount! 9.900
Nichols OU – Great front aerial to split jump, covered up a wobble on the bhs loso series, stuck 1.5 dismount and the crowd goes wild! 9.9625

Tratz UCLA – Tiny bit of chest down on full-in, better landings on the other two passes, good start for UCLA 9.8625
Dennis UCLA – good control on first pass, almost OOB on her second pass but saves it, big step back on double tuck to end the routine. 9.825
Kramer UCLA – OOB on first pass but it was beautiful, great landings on her next two passes, the crowd loves her routine 9.7375
Ross UCLA – Bounced back on her first pass, the landings are a little crazy today, good control on her double pike to close 9.9125
Hano UCLA – Great amplitude on her tumbling, I think she was supposed to do a jump out of that second pass? OOB on the double pike… 9.750
Ohashi UCLA – Good landing on the split leg double layout, good amplitude on the second pass, really fun turn sequence into choreography (accompanied by Beyonce’s music), the crowd loves her routine! 9.950
After 2: OU 99.02625 (wow), LSU 98.8375, UCLA 98.6875, DU 98.4125
As a native Coloradan I’m a little sad for DU but so excited that they’re in their first team final ever!

Rotation 3 – UCLA VT, Denver UB, LSU BB, Oklahoma FX
Dennis UCLA – Huge Yfull, basically stuck 9.9125
Wright UCLA –  Big step forward on Y1.5 but good in the air 9.800
Tratz UCLA – Some leg separation on the table but a great landing! 9.875
Hano UCLA – Small step forward on the Y1.5, overall good job! 9.8875
Ross UCLA – Stuck 1.5 (I’m guessing from the crowd’s screams), excellent control as always 9.950
Kramer UCLA – A couple steps forward from Kramer on her 1.5 but great form in the air 9.7125

Kern DU – Good leadoff from Kern, stuck doule layout with some leg separation 9.8125
Ruiz DU – Tkachev a bit low, but excellent form throughout, stuck double layout! 9.8875
Sundstrom DU – Small hop back on the dismount, otherwise looked clean and tight. 9.825
Glynn DU – Solid routine, super clean, much better landing on the dismount than yesterday 9.7875
Brown DU – Saved her handstand into a good van Leeuwen, floaty and stuck double layout! 9.850
Karr DU – Good handstands to a big Geinger, good dismount but probably not a stick? 9.8625

Desiderio LSU – Super solid so far on front aerial and bhs loso, perfect leap series, she got the stick crown! 9.8875
Dean LSU – Nice aerial to bhs series, looked like a great routine with some soft knees in the dismount 9.8625
Durante LSU – Looked a little shaky in the beginning, looked good on the bhs loso, chest just a bit low on landing 9.875
Edney LSU – *tiny* wobble on her bhs loso, covered well, stuck 1.5 twisting dismount 9.850
Campbell LSU – Works through her skills very fluidly, looking great, tiny hop back on her double full dismount. 9.8875
Finnegan LSU – good job on the wolf turn and bhs loso series, great split positions, stuck dismount! 9.950

Webb OU – Great front twisting and landing control, just a slide back on her Rudi 9.925
Schoepfer OU – fall on her first pass, hops right back up for a good landing on her front pass, good job on the double pike to finish. 9.1125
Degouveia OU – Coming back strong with really nice landings 9.8875
Nichols OU – Good landing on the double pike, does a good job with just two passes in her routine 9.950
Dowell OU – Great job on the Dowell, stuck her second pass cold, great front full to front layout. 9.9375
Trautman OU – Big double layout, she gets the arena to herself for this one. Great control on the second pass, the choreography is also really fun. Good extension on the leaps, nice double tuck to close. 9.950!
After 3: OU 148.7125, LSU 148.300, UCLA 148.1125, DU 147.650
LSU is here to fight! UCLA looks just a bit tight and had some uncharacteristic mistakes, as did DU. OU is killing it per usual.

Rotation 4 – Oklahoma VT, UCLA UB, Denver BB, LSU FX
Lehrmann OU – Hop forward on the Y1.5 9.900
Webb OU – Small hop to the side on the Y1.5 (Oklahoma staff are standing directly in front of the vault…on the mats…I can’t see the landings properly….. 9.850
Degouveia OU – Looked like a tiny hop but also looked cleaner than the other two so far 9.875
Trautman OU – There’s the stick! Great 1.5 9.950
Nichols OU – Another stick on her Y1.5 from Nichols 9.9125
Dowell OU – Stuck vault from Dowell! Twisted a bit early but it was great. 9.9875

Frazier UCLA – Hop forward on the dismount but a great routine for her 9.850
Dennis UCLA – Clean on bars, tried to fight for the landing but saluted as she stepped out of it 9.7625
Hano UCLA – Huge release connected to bail, stuck double tuck dismount 9.8625
Flatley UCLA – Really going after the handstands, small leg seperation on the bail, sticks the double layout! 9.900
Kocian UCLA – Better on the handstand positions, hop back on the dismount 9.8625
Ross UCLA – Great handstands, big release, holds the stick on her dismount! 9.950

Brown DU – Solid leadoff routine, stuck the dismount 9.8625
Ruiz DU – A bit of legs on her bhs loso series, looking really solid otherwise, Denver’s pulled it together on beam so far 9.825
Sundstrom DU – Great execution on her acro series, random cartwheel? Small hop on the dismount 9.8375
Vasquez DU – Break in the middle of her series, stuck dismount 9.825
Karr DU – Good aerial to back handspring series, looking tight and clean so far, split full was a bit off but makes it around, sticks the dismount! 9.8875
Schou DU – Great lines on beam, good sheep jump though the connection was a bit slow, stuck gainer full dismount! 9.9375

Harrold LSU – OOB on first pass, good job on the double pike, pretty good routine overall 9.8375
Desiderio LSU – Doing a great job today, just with the chest a bit low on her double pike 9.900
Priessman LSU – Small hop forward on her double pike, good control on the double tuck, a step forward on the last pass but a good routine for the senior! 9.875
Edney LSU – Tiny hop forward on a huge double Arabian, dances out of her second pass, hop forward on the last pass 9.850
Finnegan LSU – Great first pass – 1.5 through to 2.5, big lunge back on the double tuck but front foot stayed down. Her choreography is so fluid and nice to watch!! Basically stuck double pike to finish. 9.950
Kelley LSU – Big double layout, easy control on the landing, nice front layout to front full on the second pass, nice high double tuck to close.


A bit of an off day for UCLA and Denver, with little mistakes here and there. Oklahoma was great from start to finish, LSU put up a great fight but gave a bit too much away on floor and vault.

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