From level 7 to 2017 Region 1 Level 9 All Around Champion in one year, ten year old Kaliya Lincoln is getting ready to take on the elite world. She started competing in the fall of 2013 as a level 4, and by 2015, Kaliya made the TOPs A Team as a nine year old. Kaliya has been training at her current club, Airborne Gymnastics in Santa Clara, CA, for two years and has been improving every day!

Kaliya on beam

Kaliya’s move from level 7 right to level 9 wasn’t easy. When it came to learning new skills on bars, Kaliya suffered mental blocks, “[bars] requires a lot of strength and endurance that took me time to build,” she noted. In between training level 9 and elite, Kaliya also attends developmental camp at the National Team Training Center in Huntsville, TX. However, juggling level 9, elite, and camp hasn’t seemed to be an issue for Kaliya who has won the all around in all of her level 9 meets except for one where she came in third. Kaliya had her meet of the year (so far) at the Region 1 Championships where she won the all around with a huge 39.025, the highest all around score out of all level 9s across the nation this season. And all though she’s small (4’1” to be exact), Kaliya is full of power and is performing skills beyond her years. Currently, Kaliya’s routines include a yurchenko layout on vault, a pak salto on bars, a flic-lay-flic on beam, and a 1.5 punch pike on floor.

Although her level 9 skills are big, Kaliya has even more difficult skills in store! Some of her biggest skills are her double twisting yurchenko on vault, her flic-lay-lay on beam, and her punch front full to front pike on floor. Kaliya is also training a double layout on floor and a front aerial switch leap straddle connection on beam. Kaliya is continuously upgrading her skills in hopes of qualifying elite in the near future. “A lot more is asked of you in Elite. Which can make you a better overall gymnasts. I Love training and working on skills I see the gymnast I look up to do,” said Kaliya. Right now, Kaliya is preparing for the Western National Championships and the National Hopes Qualifier; both of these events will take place in May. Kaliya has already obtained her qualifying score for Hopes, but is working to improve her score as preparation for the Hopes Classic, a qualifier competition for the Hopes Championships, which will take place in early July.

Currently, Kaliya trains 28 hours a week under coaches Cale Robinson and Krystal Van Burren. Her “ultimate goal” is to be a member of the US National Team, receive a college scholarship, and potentially represent the United States of America at the Olympic Games. At just ten years old, Kaliya Lincoln is already making a name for herself and will definitely be one to watch in the coming years.

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