Following three straight scores of at least 197, the number six Denver Pioneers continued their record breaking season at home today against the Boise State Broncos and the Iowa State Cyclones. Denver scored a huge 197.725, the second highest score in program history, while Boise State scored a 196.375 and Iowa State a 195.425. The Broncos hit 23 out of 23 routines, only counting one routine from all-around star Shani Remme, who suffered a minor injury on floor and had to pull out of the meet.

Starting on the vault, Denver hit five strong vaults, with controlled landings and good amplitude. A fall from Mia Sundstrom in the middle of the lineup didn’t faze the Pioneers as Maddie Karr stuck her Yurchenko one-and-a-half for a near perfect 9.975 to win the event, followed by a nearly-identical vault from sophomore star Lynzee Brown for a 9.925. Their rotation total was a 49.350, a season high. The Broncos were spectacular on beam in the first rotation, scoring a 49.450. Remme scored a 9.925 to place second, while Courtney McGregor and Sarah Means scored 9.900s to tie for fifth. Boise State looked calm and steady on beam, where every routine scored above a 9.800.

Boise State was only able to count five scores on floor in rotation two, as Remme had to be helped off the floor after an awkward landing on her first tumbling pass. The team posted a 48.625, and aside from a step out of bounds from senior Alex Esmerian, the Broncos hit cleanly. Tatum Bruden scored a 9.850, the highest floor score for the Broncos. With tighter form and clean landings, Boise can score into the 9.800s on floor. On the uneven bars, Denver scored a 49.400, with all six routines scoring at least a 9.800. Emily Glynn won the event with a 9.925 and Karr placed second with a 9.900. Freshman Alexandria Ruiz placed third with a 9.875.

Maddie Karr celebrates after performing on the floor exercise for the Denver Pioneers in Denver, Colorado/Denver Athletics

On the balance beam, Denver scored a season-high total of 49.550, featuring a 9.950 from Alexis Vasquez to win the event. The freshman performed very well under pressure, competing right after Sundstrom had a fall on her acro series. The rest of the lineup finished strong, with Karr and Kaitlyn Schou tying for second place with a 9.925. The Broncos competed well on vault for a 49.150, highlighted by a stuck Yurchenko full from McGregor which earned her a 9.900 to tie for third on the event. Means scored a 9.875 to place fifth, and Gabriella Bouza scored a 9.850 for a clean vault.

Ending on the uneven bars, Boise State scored a 49.150 and counted five scores over a 9.800. McGregor tied for third with a 9.875 and Emily Muhlenhaupt placed fifth with a 9.850. The Broncos hit six routines and could score even higher with some tighter form on releases and dismounts. On the floor exercise, Brown, Karr, and Schou all scored 9.900s to tie for first on the event, helping Denver to a 49.425 total. Ruiz capped off a great all-around performance with a 9.875 on floor for a 39.400  all-around total.

Meghan Sievers of Iowa State had a great day, scoring 9.900s for her routines on vault and floor. She tied for first place on floor and third on vault. The Cyclones fought through a fall on every event, managing not to count any routines with falls. Their highest rotation total of the night came on vault, where they scored a 49.200 with four vaults scoring over a 9.800. Their total team score of 195.425 was about three-tenths above their season average, which will help them going into the second half of the season and this week’s rankings as RQS begins on Monday.

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