This Friday, 35 gymnasts ages 10-13 will compete at the Hopes Championships held in conjunction with the GK U.S. Classic in Louisville, Kentucky. At the end June, 56 Hopes athletes competed at the Hopes Classic in Salt Lake City, UT. From the Hopes Classic, 18 gymnasts in the 12-13 division and 17 gymnasts in the 10-11 division advanced to the Hopes Championships by placing in the top 18 in the all around in their age division as well as earning the qualifying score (48.50 for Hopes 12-13, and 46.00 for 10-11).

Check out which gymnasts we think will be ones to watch on Friday, and in the future for sure.

Gymnasts line up at the 2018 Hopes Championships
Photo: John Cheng

Hopes 12-13

Three gymnasts tied for the all around title at the Hopes Classic in the 12-13 division: Metroplex’s Michelle Pineda and Katelyn Jong, and Head Over Heels’ Paityn Walker. Pineda competed at last year’s Hopes Championships, so she already has experience competing on a podium in a big competition. Pineda also won the beam title at the classic where she showcases her flexibility as well as a gorgeous Onodi. In addition to winning the all around title at the Hopes Classic, Jong also won the bars title with a 4.4 difficulty score and an amazing 8.90 execution score. The third all around winner from the Hopes Classic, Paityn Walker is solid on all four events but shines the most on bars and posted a 4.80 D score on the event at the Hopes Classic.

Michelle Pineda on floor
Photo: John Cheng

The 4th through 7th place finishers from the Hopes Classic: Ava San Jose, Lily Pederson, Rafaela O’Neill, and Lucy Tobia will all be returning to the Hopes Championships for the second year in a row. Paramount Elite’s Ava San Jose finished 4th at the Hopes Classic, but had the second highest all around score and was just 0.05 from tying for the all around title. At the classic, San Jose won the floor title which she also won at last year’s Hopes Championships in the 10-11 division, so she will definitely be a contender for taking home the floor title once again and perhaps the all around title. Lily Pederson, who finished fifth at the Hopes Classic, had the highest combined difficulty score at the classic and has a super fun floor routine you can’t miss.

With Hopes program being full of young up and coming gymnasts, truly anything can happen at the Hopes Championships this Friday. Some other gymnasts to watch in the 12-13 division will be Autumn Reingold of Gymnastics Olympica who is absolutely beautiful on bars, Leyva’s Kaela Yee who tied for the beam title at the Hopes Classic and has a very spunky floor routine, and WCC’s Rebekah Smith who won the vault title at the Hopes Classic and finished eighth all around.

Autumn Reingold on floor
Photo: John Cheng

Hopes 10-11

The Hopes 10-11 divison is full of young gymnasts brand new to the Hopes program. However, three gymnasts in the division: Carsyn Coleman, Zoey Molomo, and Ella Kate Parker, competed at last year’s Hopes Championships. With their experience, Coleman, Molomo, and Parker all went 1-2-3 in the all around at the Hopes Classic just three weeks ago. Carsyn Coleman of Precision is definitely the favorite to win the all around this Friday in Louisville as her difficulty tops her competitors’.

Metroplex’s Zoey Molomo had some of the highest execution scores at the Hopes Classic which is what truly helps these Hopes athletes gain a spot on the podium. Third place all around finisher at the Hopes Classic, Ella Kate Parker of NE Texas Elite, also won the beam title at the classic which is the event she shines on.

Carsyn Coleman on beam
Photo: John Cheng

Two other gymnasts in the 10-11 division you can’t count out are Ly Bui of IGN and Izzy Stassi of Five Star. Ly tied for third in the all around at the Hopes Classic, and has one of the highest beam difficulty scores in the division. Stassi won both the vault and bars titles at the Hopes Classic and performs a powerful Yurchenko Full (she’s already training a DTY). At the classic, Stassi had a couple of mistakes on beam and floor, so if she can put it all together on Friday, she will definitely be a contender for the all around title.

You can watch the 2019 Hopes Championships Friday, July 19 at 2:30 PM on USA Gymnastics’ YouTube Channel. Chalk Warrior will also be covering the event on our website and social media.

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