With the 2020 season ending abruptly due to COVID-19, the qualification procedures to 2021 Hopes and Elite events is a bit different. Athletes have the chance to qualify to these 2021 competitions through three different routes: the 2019 U.S. Championships, 2020 elite qualifiers, camps & competitions, and 2021 elite qualifiers, camps and competitions. The age groups for Hopes has also changed. Instead of Hopes 10-11 and Hopes 12-13 divisions, the new divisions will be 11-12 and 13-14. Below are the qualification guidelines for the 2021 elite season.

Level/AgeCompulsory ScoreOptional Score to ClassicOptional Score to Championships
Senior Elite (AA) – Age 16+35.00 at 2020/2021 National Qualifiers (for new elites)51.00 AA scored at:
– 2019 U.S. Championships
– 2020/2021 National Qualifiers
– 2021 National Team Camp Verifications on competition surface
Automatic Qualifiers:
– 2019 World Team Members
52.00 AA scored at:
– 2021 Classic Meets
– 2021 Winter Cup
– 2021 National Team Camp Verifications on competition surface
– 2021 National Team International Assignment
Senior Elite (2-3 Event) – Age 16+35.00 AA OR 26.25 3 event/17.5 2 event at 2020/2021 National Qualifiers (for new elites)39.00 3 event/26.50 2 event scored at:
– 2019 U.S. Championships
– 2020/2021 National Qualifiers
– 2021 National Team Camp Verifications on competition surface
39.75 3 event/27.00 2 event scored at:
– 2021 Classic Meets
– National Team Camp Verifications on competition surface
Junior Elite – Age 11-1535.00 at 2020/2021 National Qualifiers (for new elites).
50.50 scored at:
– 2019 U.S. Championships
– 2020/2021 National Qualifiers
– 2021 National Team Camp Verifications on competition surface
51.00 scored at:
– 2020-2021 National Team Camp Verification on competition surface
– 2021 Classic Meets
– 2021 Winter Cup
Hopes 13-1433.00 at 2020/2021 National Qualifiers48.50 scored at:
– 2020/2021 National Qualifiers
– 2021 Developmental Camp Verification on competition surface
Top 18 from Hopes Classic (must score a 48.5) will advance. If an age division is not filled, fill from the other age group from the rank order.
Hopes 11-1232.00 at 2020/2021 National Qualifiers46.00 scored at:
– 2020/2021 National Qualifiers
– 2021 Developmental Camp Verification on competition surface
Top 18 from Hopes Classic (must score a 46.0)

Below are lists of all gymnasts qualified to the 2021 Hopes or American and U.S. Classic. Gymnasts in blue have qualified to the U.S. Championships or Hopes Championships. Gymnasts are sorted by level and division (e.g: Junior Elite, Senior Elite, Hopes 11-12, Hopes 13-14) and the clubs of gymnasts are noted as well as where they got their qualifying score.

Gymnasts with an asterisk (*) are qualified, but unlikely to compete. We have also included lists of qualified Hopes and Elite gymnasts are gymnasts who are partially qualified – those who have earned their compulsory or optional score but still must obtain the other score.

please note: we import all qualified athletes via the scores published on the USA Gymnastics website. If you held a qualifier and the scores were not published, you may email lauren@chalkwarrior.com with the results so we can keep this list accurate.

Qualified Hopes & Elite Gymnasts

Last updated: February 15, 12:00 AM EST

Senior Elite

Ciena Alipio, West Valley (2019 U.S. Championships)

Sydney Barros, WCC (2019 U.S. Championships)

Simone Biles, WCC (2019 World Team Member)

Love Birt, First State (2019 U.S. Championships)

Skye Blakely, WOGA (2019 U.S. Championships)

Sloane Blakely, WOGA (2019 U.S. Championships – 3 Events)

Sophia Butler, Discover (2019 U.S. Championships)

Jade Carey, Arizona Sunrays (2019 World Team Member)

Jordan Chiles, WCC (2019 U.S. Championships)

Kayla DiCello, Hill’s (2019 U.S. Championships)

Amari Drayton, WCC (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Kara Eaker, GAGE (2019 World Team Member)

Addison Fatta, Prestige (2019 U.S. Championships)

Aleah Finnegan, GAGE (2019 U.S. Championships)

eMjae Frazier, Parkettes (2019 U.S. Championships)

Karis German, WCC (2019 U.S. Championships)

Olivia Greaves, WCC (2019 U.S. Championships)

Olivia Hollingsworth, WCC* (2019 U.S. Championships) – College (Auburn)

Morgan Hurd, First State (2019 U.S. Championships)

Shilese Jones, Future (2019 U.S. Championships)

Hailey Klein, Flips Northshore (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Alonna Kratzer, Top Notch (2020 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Emily Lee, West Valley (2019 U.S. Championships)

Sunisa Lee, Midwest (2019 World Team Member)

Lilly Lippeatt, Cincinnati (2019 U.S. Championships)

Lauren Little, Everest (2019 U.S. Championships)

Amber Lowe, ANSG (2020 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Grace McCallum, TCT (2019 World Team Member)

Konnor McClain, Revolution (2019 U.S. Championships)

Riley McCusker, Arizona Sunrays (2019 U.S. Championships)

Zoe Miller, WCC (2019 U.S. Championships)

Kaylen Morgan, Everest (2020 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Sydney Morris, First State (2019 U.S. Championships)

Elle Mueller, TCT (2021 Biles Qualifier)

Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite * (2019 U.S. Championships) – Competing L10

Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s (2019 U.S. Championships)

Ariel Posen, First State (2019 U.S. Championships)

Sienna Robinson, Brown’s (2020 Excalibur Qualifier)

Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks (2019 U.S. Championships)

Lyden Saltness, Midwest (2020 KPAC Qualifier)

Jamison Sears, World Class (2019 U.S. Championships)

Ava Siegfeldt, World Class (2019 U.S. Championships)

MyKayla Skinner, Desert Lights (2019 World Team Member)

Makenna Smith, Gold Cup (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Ui Soma, San Mateo* (2020 Metroplex Qualifier) – Competing for Japan

Trinity Thomas, Florida (2019 U.S. Championships)

Faith Torrez, Legacy Elite (2019 U.S. Championships)

Eva Volpe, Pearland Elite (2020 Everest Qualifier)

Leanne Wong, GAGE (2019 U.S. Championships)

Lexi Zeiss, Omaha (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Junior Elite

Charlotte Booth, Brandy Johnson’s (2020 Everest Qualifier)

Lily Bruce, WCC (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Kailin Chio, Gymcats (2019 U.S. Championships)

Madray Johnson, WOGA (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Katelyn Jong, Metroplex (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Levi Jung-Ruivivar, TCT (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Temple Landry, TCT (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Kaliya Lincoln, WOGA (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Nola Matthews, Airborne (2019 U.S. Championships)

Zoey Molomo, Metroplex (2020 Feb Devo Camp Verification)

Ella Murphy, WOGA (2021 March Devo Camp Verification)

Ella Kate Parker, Cincinatti (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Lily Pederson, Flips* (2020 Metroplex Qualifier) – Competing L10

Michelle Pineda, Metroplex (2020 Feb Devo Camp Verification)

Autumn Reingold, Gymnastics Olympica (2020 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Joscelyn Roberson, NE Texas Elite (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Paloma Spiridonova, WOGA (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Isabel Stassi, Gym X-Treme (2021 March Devo Camp Verification)

Ashlee Sullivan, WOGA (2020 Everest Qualifier)

Tiana Sumanasekera, West Valley (2021 March Devo Camp Verification)

Lucy Tobia, Parkettes (2020 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Gabriella Van Frayen, Gym X-Treme (2021 Parkettes Qualifier)

Paityn Walker, Head Over Heels (2020 KPAC Qualifier)

Hopes 13-14

Hailey Avellar, Ascend (2020 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Emma Becker, Flips Northshore (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Giovannina Beltra, Rebound (2020 Excalibur Qualifier)

Sage Bradford, WOGA (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Ly Bui, IGN (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Dulcy Caylor, Texas Dreams (2021 Parkettes Qualifier)

Payton Chandler, Metroplex (2020 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Carsyn Coleman, Precision (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Ariel Collum, Brown’s (2020 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Clancy Conley, Legacy Elite (2020 KPAC Qualifier)

Nicole Desmond, First State (2020 Feb Devo Camp Verification)

Anabelle Dewey, East Tennessee (2021 Biles Qualifier)

Presley Duke, Dynamo (2020 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Tatum Drusch, Flips (2021 Biles Qualifier)

Kieryn Finnell, RGA (2021 Buckeye Qualifier)

Emerson Fisk, Golden City (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Isabelle Futch, Ascend (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Jayla Hang, Ascend (2021 Parkettes Qualifier)

Kaitlynd Kastl, Metroplex (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Avery King, WOGA (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Haley Mustari, Dynamo (2020 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Julia Nehmer, WOGA (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Rafaela O’Neill, Airborne (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Adele Ossi, Parkettes (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Gabriella Pierson, WOGA (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Brooke Reingold, Gymnastics Olympica (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Simone Rose, Ascend (2021 Parkettes Qualifier)

Jocelyn Sasson, Ascend (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Jessica Schaffer, Desert Lights (2020 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Jolyn Sicat Valeros, Sokol Elite (2020 Feb Devo Camp Verification)

Audrey Snyder, First State (2020 Excalibur Qualifier)

Sydney Snyder, First State (2021 March Devo Camp Verification)

Anna Tava, US Gymnastics Dev. (2021 Parkettes Qualifier)

Brynn Torry, World Class (2021 Parkettes Qualifier)

Carly Weinberg, Buckeye (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Kaela Yee, Leyva (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Alicia Zhou, Love (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Hopes 11-12

Paityn Adams, Metroplex (2021 Biles Qualifier)

Charleigh Bullock, Capital (2021 Parkettes Qualifier)

Allyn Damelio, San Mateo (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Addyson Fulcher, First in Flight (2021 Parkettes Qualifier)

Sadie Goldberg, Buckeye (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Quinn Harris, Cincinnati (2021 Buckeye Qualifier)

Tori Kitzmiller, Naperville (2020 KPAC Qualifier)

Khloe Lazaridis, Parkettes (2021 Parkettes Qualifier)

Addie Oiler-Velez, Buckeye (2021 Parkettes Qualifier)

Claire Pease, WOGA (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Mia Puig, International (2021 Parkettes Qualifier)

Lila Richardson, Hopes & Dreams (2021 Brestyan’s LV Qualifier)

Brynli Smith, WOGA* (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)Retired

Tyler Turner, Airborne (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Camie Westerman, Hill’s (2020 Metroplex Qualifier)

Partially Qualified Hopes & Elite Gymnasts

Please note: Once an elite gymnast has competed in a classic meet, she does not need to test elite compulsory again. Therefore, only gymnasts who have competed in an elite qualifier in 2020/2021 and/or competed elite or hopes in 2019 will be listed.

Has Optional Score, Needs Compulsory Score

Junior Elite

Sage Bradford, WOGA

Has Compulsory Score, Needs Optional Score

Senior Elite

Olivia Ahern, Believe

Alyssa Arana, Leyva

Bryn Bartman, Everest

Hadley Bretschneider, SRG

Alea Byrne, WOGA

Elizabeth Cairns, Rebound

Victoria Cluck, WOGA (3 events)* – Competing L10

Kylie Coen, Empire

Gabriella Disidore, GAGE

Skylar Draser, Parkettes

Sydnee Evans, Desert Lights

Maria Ferguson, Salcianu Elite

Elizabeth Gantner, JPAC

Jaylene Gilstrap, Metroplex* – College (Utah)

Cadence Goldberg, US Gymnastics

Emily Golden, EVO* – Retired

Trayana Halcheva, Gymnastics Olympica

Sophie Hampp, GAGE

Mia Heather, San Mateo

Julianne Huff, JamJev

Alexis Jeffrey, GAGE

Meredith Kowalski, Flips

Julia Krzywanski, EVO

Chloe LaCoursiere, Coastal

Addison Lawrence, GAGE

Jordyn Lyden, Flips

Courtney McCann, WOGA

Meili Nash, All American

Annalise Newman-Achee, Chelsea Piers

Sophie Parenti, West Valley

Lauren Pearce, AGA

Madison Perkins, AGA

Cecily Rizo, Texas Dreams

Jenna Rusk, Mavericks

Chavala Shepard, Hopes and Dreams

Danielle Sievers, AAGA

Lindsay Van Eyk, Brestyan’s

Abigael Vides, WCC

Clara Wallace, Xtreme

Jaelah Warner, World Class

Madelyn Warren, All American

Mahleea Werline, Salcianu Elite

Camie Winger, All American

Tirzah Wise, Salcianu Elite

Mya Witte, Genies

Jamie Wright, World Class

Ella Zirbes, Flips

Junior Elite

Ella Beck, Buckeye

Chesney Bennett, Gymnastics Academy of Charleston

Dulcy Caylor, Texas Dreams

Kaylee Cheek, All American

Chloe Cho, Waller’s GymJam

Adriana Consoli, Pearland Elite

Amelia Disidore, GAGE

Nicole Desmond, First State (fully qualified Hopes 13-14)

Jordis Eichman, Colorado Aerials

Ryan Fuller, Head Over Heels

Olivia Kelly, North Stars

Isabella Kenny, Bright Stars

CJ Keuneke, TIGAR

Lillian Jennejohn, All American

Alexa Knape, Desert Lights

Hailey Kriz, Brestyan’s

Everlynn Lowe, GAGE

Reina Marchal, Salcianu Elite

Taylor McMahon, Texas Dreams

Annalisa Milton, GAGE

Malea Milton, GAGE

Haley Mustari, Dynamo

Marissa Neal, GAGE

Peyton Novinger, Prestige

Rafaela O’Neill (fully qualified Hopes 13-14)

Genesis PeBenito, Salcianu Elite

Brooke Pierson, WOGA

Jaylyn Pomager, Mavericks

Azaraya Ra-Akbar, World Class

Jessica Reith, Parkettes

Mallory Reyes, Colorado Aerials

Camryn Richardson, Pearland Elite

Piper Slocum, AIM Athletics

Rebekah Smith, WCC

Daisy Stephenson, Texas Best

Hayden Taylor, Parkettes

Kaetlyn Tenesch, Roots

Giana Trolio, Olympic Dreams

Lundyn VanderToolen, Olympus

Gabriella Van Frayen, Gym X-Treme (fully qualified Hopes 13-14)

Alana Walker, North Stars

Kaylee Wilson, Texas Dreams

Chloe Womeldorph, Empire

Eleanor Wyly, North Bay Athletics

Alicia Zhou, Love (fully qualified Hopes 13-14)

Hopes 13-14

Megan Aamold, West Valley

Madisyn Alemany, Bright Stars

Ronnie Amey, Airborne

Addison Andserson, Airborne

Hayden Anderton, Desert Lights

Darielis Aviles, Cincinnati

Elle Bragga, Top Notch

Nora Brewer, IGN

Kylee Bromley, Firs State

Simone Brown, First in Flight

Ellorie Cane, Precision

Kaitlyn Cohen, The Klub

Lila Couture, Golden City

Allison Cucci, Victors

Paisley Davis, First in Flight

Stella DePaola, Arizona Sunrays

Angelina Donnarumma, Gold Medal

Presley Duke, Dynamo

Julianna During, Rebound

Isabella Cheryl Edralin, Excalibur

Kaylee Edwards, Pearland Elite

Sophee El-Attar, First State

Reese Esponda, Roota

Rachel Fleischman, Gymnastics Olympica

Pyper Fliehr, First in Flight

Lavender Flores, FGA

Sasha Fujisaka, Airborne

Abbey Gardner, Desert Lights

Keira Gontkosky, Parkettes

Mylee Grant, Decal

Addison Haney, PGA

Paige Hasling, World Class

Cambry Haynes, 5280

Jadasyn Hinojos, Pearland Elite

McKinley James, Pearland Elite

Jazmyn Jimenez, The Klub

Payton Kartchner, Arizona Sunrays

Sevana Kasparian, Gymnastics Olympica

Delanie Kelly, Flips North Shore

Lexi Kent, Brestyan’s

Matti Kitzmiller, Naperville

Yuna Lee, Hill’s

Myli Lew, San Mateo

Kaydence Lockhart, Desert Lights

Samaria Lowman, Prestige

Ciarra Miller, IGN

Hayden Mazur, Top Notch

Avery Moss, Georgia Elite

Clara Nunez Matheus, Tumblebees

Haley Mendoza, Gym-Nation

Lyla Movahed, Capital

Dayana Nataren, Empire

Neela Nicholson, Park Ave

Kya Nye, Buckeye

Mackenzie Osborne, Georgia Elite

Macy Pennington, Elite Xtreme

Jaden Perala, Desert Lights

Isabella Perri, Excalibur

Asia Reid, Arizona Sunrays

Roanne Alexa Ribaya, First State

Anaya Rodriguez, Gold Medal

Maeya Sagna, GOT

Dylan Santos, West Valley

Addison Sarisky, Olympic Dreams

Avery Schlichting, Gymnastic Academy of Rockford

Lydia Scheuermann, Arizona Sunrays

Payton Seal, EE

Christina Shelton, Cobb Challengers

Aniya Smith, Hill’s

Analiah Solorio, 5280 South

Sutton Strasser, Infiniti Elite

Bailey Stroud, JPAC

Brinley Thompson, Desert Lights

Khloe Timmer, Leyva

Whitney Torchia, Charleston

Kendall Torrens, Empire

Audree Valdenarro, Los Angeles School of Gymnastics

Kate Walendzak, Buckeye

Grace Weisser, Flips

Finley Weldon, Chow’s

Paige Wills, Parkettes

Isabella Woods, Gymniks

Hopes 11-12

Kennedy Abercrombie, Capital

Makenna Araiza, Naperville

Joelie Berelc, Gymnastics Olympica

Katie Bond, Desert Lights

Narkie Brady, Gold Cup

Harlow Buddendeck, RGA

Aaliyah Campos, East Bay

Ryann Canada, The Rock

Zaven Cooper, AGA

Lavi Crain, Avant Coeur

Drew Eddy, The Klub

Kennedy Emerling, Arizona Sunrays

Gabrielle Hardie, TCT

Alexa Henning, Mismo

Emma Howells, Fusion

Ava Jen, Arizona Sunrays

Chloe La, Roots

Kaitlin Marcussen, Arizona Sunrays

Taylor Maye, JamJev

Autumn Moberg, Boundless

Aaliyah Oglesby, Precision

Tylee Price, Coastal

Alyssa Robinson, Next Level

Angielina Rodriguez, Tumblebees

Abby Schmitz, Pride

Payton Seal, Elite Xtreme

Tyler Turner, Airborne

Gabi Ursu, Naperville

Delilah Zepeda-Orth, 5280